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Tula Cartridge Works – the factory where Tulammo is made. It is manufactured by Tula Cartridge Works. The factory is located in the Russian arsenal city of Tula, about 100 miles south of Moscow, Russia. That factory is the largest small-arms ammo supplier in the world, selling across all of the Americas, Australia, and the Middle East.

TulAmmo ammo has acquired a reputation for high-quality ammunition at a price point virtually anyone can afford. Some of the most popular Tula calibers include: Tula .223 Ammo: Tula .223 ammo is one of the brand’s most popular calibers. It’s especially a steal when purchased in bulk of 100 rounds.

This Tula 308 Win ammo is made in Tula, Russia using berdan-primed steel cases instead of brass cases to help drive the cost down since steel is a much cheaper metal than brass. While not reloadable, for shooters who don't reload the savings are quite an attractive upside.

Available at Walmart? The Walmart Ammunition Test – You’ll find 10mm, along with 45GAP and probably 41Mg too, at Cabelas and many other big gun retailers, but you’ll not likely find any of that at WalMart. Most Walmarts carry 9mm, 38Spl, 45ACP, 223,

Did Walmart drop Tulammo .308? This is a discussion on Did Walmart drop Tulammo .308? within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Tula .308 is not top of the line match ammo, but it puts big holes in things and at $8.97 a box it's the cheapest.


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Buy bulk 308 ammo and save at Ammunition Store. Very, I've been at my local Walmart scooping up ammo, the seem to have an unlimited supply of 22LR CCI minimags! Tula .308 is not top of the line match ammo, but it puts big holes in things and at \.97 a box it's the cheapest thing I can find.

308 Ammo Walmart – winchesterclubofamerica.com. winchesterclubofamerica.com/308-ammo-walmart. Sep 22, 2015 · Deer THUGS ammunition, part of the Power-Shok™ line, sold exclusively at Walmart, includes loads in nine calibers: 243 Win., 25-06.

Shooting can be very expensive!!!! We are always looking for the best deal on ammo. Is Tula 308 what you have been looking for? I got this for $6.99 a BOX.

Cheapest .308 Ammo from Walmart Long Range Challenge! (Crazy!)Tula .308 is not top of the line match ammo, but it puts big holes in things and at $8.97 a box it's the cheapest thing I can find. Now I can't find it at any of my I'm in the sad state of Ohio and while every Walmart in central Ohio has a space on the shelf for Tulammo .308 at $8.97 a box, they have been.

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Removable covered 7 round ammo carrier for .308 or .300 winmag. Hook and loop straps make for a snug fit for left or right handed shooters. These are sold by Walmart.com and flagged with FREE Shipping. More details on what is eligible with ShippingPass

Warning: Do not use Tula .308!!! *Edited* with Tula Customer Service Update EDIT: After contacting customer service and sending them my pictures, they have happily agreed to pay for the damaged rifle, either fix it or replace it, whichever the local gunsmith suggests.

We ran four types of Russian steel .308 through the Ruger Precision Rifle, shooting 5 shot groups at 100 yards: – Wolf 140 grain Soft Point – Wolf 145 grain.