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PolyCase's .380 Auto Inceptor ARX High Penetration Ammo. The PolyCase ARX is designed to transfer maximum energy to target by a hydrodynamic ram effect. The unique shape of the ARX bullet enhances the surface area and exploits the rotational force of the bullet, resulting in a self-defense round that is engineered to perform.

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Mark IV™ Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice – June 2017. Ruger American® Pistol Safety Bulletin – October 2018. LCP®. LC380®. Security-9®. Ruger-57™.

Ruger LCP Ballistics: 380 Ammo Competition, 3 loads tested in Gel and DenimThe Glock 42 is a new .380ACP micro-pistol from one of the most trusted names in the firearms business. We got an early look at the gun prior to SHOT Show 2014.

380 Ammo Reloading Kit Reloading your own ammo can be satisfying and save you money!. Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8 Reloading Kit 7810370 Lyman Brass. Berry's Ammo Box 380/9mm 100. Reloading Giveaway!. Polymer80 PF940v2 Full Size 80% Pistol Frame Kit Glock 17, 17L, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35 Textured Polymer Black Add to Cart for Special Price Get 380

Southport, CT –-( Sturm, Ruger & Company.


The LCP is chambered in .380 Auto and has a capacity of 6+1 rounds. The LC9, which is available for sale in all 50 states, is chambered in.

Ruger Self Defense ARX ammunition is precision-engineered with advanced materials in the development laboratory of PolyCase Ammunition and loaded to SAAMI specifications. ARX ammo achieves extreme performance in a cutting-edge design. Ruger ARX Ammunition is on-target to revolutionize the self-defense ammunition industry.

The Ruger LCP is coveted for its lightweight design, and reliable shooting performance. Thanks to the one piece grip frame, and classic Ruger design, this gun will stand up to any test. The LCP is designed to fit various holsters, providing you with more concealed carry options than ever.

Mar 03, 2016 · As most know that high performance 380 ammo tends to rotate head for tail during flight this bullet tends to like to travel as designed with the flat rear to the rear. Kudos to Polycase and to the Sturm Ruger family for taking a chance with this ammo to make the next generation ammo.

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Ruger® LCP® Semi-automatic .380 ACP Pistol. The Ruger® LCP is compact, powerful and perfect for concealed carry. Although the LCP is chambered in the beefy .380 ACP, it's one of the lightest recoiling pistols on the market today. On your hip, on your ankle or in your bag, the LCP is a safe, comfortable option for home defense.

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The latest brand to get into the “zombie” branding fad is gunmaker Ruger. No kidding. Billed as “The Zombie Slayer,” the Ruger LCP 380 ACP retails for around.

of “Zombie Killer” knives. Then, ammo.

The Ruger LCP (lightweight, compact pistol) is a small lightweight concealed carry pistol that has been around for many years and has gained a large following amongst gun owners. Manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Company and weighing only 9.4 ounces, the LCP is a very easy to conceal weapon for.

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Colt and Kahr to Kel-Tec, Ruger, Sig Sauer and Smith & Wesson are all producing at least one .380 model. “The.

Rick Perry Says He Shot a Coyote While Jogging but Where Are Witnesses? – And then there’s the question of ammo. According to the.

coyotes didn’t stop Sturm, Ruger & Co. from issuing a special edition of the .380 called the “Coyote Special” packed in a box labeled, "For.

20 most popular handguns in Alabama – Optional magazines are available that hold more rounds of ammo. Built on the G30 SF frame.

Size comparison between the Glock 42 (below) and 43 (above). Ruger LCP, chambered in .380 Auto. This.

The Best 380 Ammo When searching for the best .380 Defensive ammo you need to find a good compromise between barrel length, projectile weight, and the round's velocity. For a pocket pistol, a 90-grain projectile seems to be the heaviest round that penetrates deep enough to strike something critical. We search for the best ammo prices so you don't

If you head on over to Cabela’s, they have Backups on sale for $449.99.

profile and drift adjustable white 3-dot sights. With a 7 + 1 ammo capacity and striker-fire action, the Ruger LC9 gives a.

380 auto ammo for sale today is also compact and lightweight, and thus has a relatively short range and lower stopping power than other larger pistol Commonly used pistols that utilize the 380 auto ammo for sale include the Ruger LCP, Bersa Thunder 380, Walther PPK/S and the Kel-Tec P-3AT.

Pocket Pistols: The Best Small Guns To Defend Yourself – If you head on over to Cabela’s, they have Backups on sale for $449.99.

profile and drift adjustable white 3-dot sights. With a 7 + 1 ammo capacity and striker-fire action, the Ruger LC9 gives a.