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Grendel Inc., founded by George Kellgren, was a Florida firearms company which produced polymer framed semi-automatic pistols from 1987 to 1994. Zytel was used for grips, magazines, and furniture while slides, barrels, slide rails.

Now Holy God / has, in His goodness, guided him here / to the West-Danes, to defend us from Grendel.” — Lines 380–383 Beowulf’s determination.

promised our ring-giver we would be worth our price”.

Grendel P-12 .380 Auto Semi-Auto Pistol. Blued finish, 3 barrel. .380 Auto caliber with two 10 round magazin for sale by Frankies Firearms on GunsAmerica – 901319034.

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223 (5.56×45 NATO inclusive), 6.5 Grendel.

6.5 Grendel Ammo For Sale The 6.5mm Grendel (6.5×39mm) is an intermediate cartridge designed by Bill Alexander and Janne Pohjoispää as a low recoil, high accuracy, 200-800 yard cartridge specifically for the AR-15 platform.

Jun 15, 2010 · I ran across a Grendel P-10 .380 & was wondering if anyone had an experience/input on them?! Looks like a neat little pistol.

looks dang near IDENTICAL to the new Keltec .380 – EXCEPT for the fact it doesn't use a magazine!!

Grendel P-12 380 Pistol repair and feed ramp polish. Excuse the camera angle, still using my iPhone lol. The parts were found at.

Brewer had a loaded .32-caliber Johnson revolver, and Zupp has a small Grendel P-12 .380-caliber pistol loaded with 10 rounds, the jail records said. Zupp’s gun was in his backpack between his feet in.

6.5mm Grendel. Taurus Spectrum .380 ACP Semi Auto Pistol 2.8" Barrel 6 Rounds Gray Polymer Fram.

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The Grendel P-series pistols are out there. I've got a P10 and a P12. The darn mags are near impossible to find at any price.

Star .380 Star Firestar 9mm Star HK Lancer .22lr Star Model B 9mm and 2 Star BM 9mms Every one of them is accurate and reliable. I need a .380 Star like the one you got to add to my Star stable. They are really a neat size and feel good in the hand. Lots of fun.

2019 American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Awards – “This rifle outshot them with a suggested retail price.

Grendel, Inc., in Rockledge, Fla., where he developed a folding stock for a bolt-action rifle, the SRT, as well as a series of pistols,

Just like the title says, Hornady 6.5 Grendel 123gr SST, $18.50 per 20. Compare to Midway's price of $22.49 and its actually in stock. Shipping isn't excellent, but it does appear to stay at a set value when ordering higher quantities, so while it may not be worth it on one box, it works out pretty well on anything above five.

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Grendel Holsters – Grendel 380, Grendel P12, Grendel P10 — 3 products / 36 models — Page 1. Our Grendel holster selection includes holsters for Grendel 380, Grendel P12 and the Grendel P10.

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I must admit I am very underwhelmed by these Grendel pistols. Bad triggers, bad sights, awful reliability. I have no idea what the track record of these things, but from my experience with the p10.

Close-up review of the Grendel .380. Also VR for Coyote's 200 sub's contest. Here's the link for the gunsmith that will work on Grendel's and has parts.

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