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Rifle Ammunition /. 50-95 WCF. This 40-95 WCF ammunition is loaded with a 0.511" diameter round nose flat point bullet.

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Well, the short answer is "No where." There is no reloading manual, or for that fact, very little published smokeless data for any of the 1876 family of cartridges. They just never made the jump from BP to smokeless. Some data is being developed with the advent of the new replicas, but the 50-95 is still pretty fresh on the market!

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Marlin 1894 Rifle Lever-Gun Makeover, The Perfect Brush Gun – VIDEO – Loading, feeding, and cycling is so notably enhanced – even with modern ammo like the LEVERevolution that these components are undoubtedly worth their weight in gold. The lever and take down pin are.

Jamison 50-95 Win Ammunition Legacy 350 Grain Round Nose Flat Point 20 rounds. CAP5095WCF350LEG,CAP5095WCF350LEGBRICK,CAP5095WCF350LEGCASE,CAP5095WCF350LEGX. Jamison 50-95 Win Ammunition Legacy 350 Grain Round Nose Flat Point 20 rounds


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50rds – 9mm Magtech 95gr. JSP Ammo. These 9mm rounds from Magtech are 95 grain Jacketed Soft Points. Magtech uses boxer primed new brass cases that are re-loadable.

50-95 Winchester ammo for sale – buy online cheap, in stock, bulk 50-95 Winchester ammunition. The best selection of discount self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus.

The retail price of each gun is $1,818.70, and .50-95 Win. ammo, specially loaded for Cimarron’s 1876 rifle, is available in both black powder and reduced smokeless loadings from Buffalo Arms. Thus,

50-95 Winchester ammo for sale – buy online cheap, in stock, bulk 50-95 Winchester ammunition. The best selection of self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus, jacketed hollow point/JHP, full metal jacket/FMJ, and frangible 50-95 Winchester ammo – buy 1000 rounds or more.

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380 Cobra Bullets I bought a Cobra .380 on a whim once, and it was the most jam-prone piece of crap I have ever owned. Not even useful as a paperweight. I could not get the thing to cycle on any type of ammo, cleaned and lubed it after every range session (sometimes only 1 shot!), ended up

Each Q has its own ammo and mana cost, plus a cooldown – though you can use a Q, switch weapons, then use the other Q ability straight away. The marksman learns Q at level 2 automatically, and it then.

Saw Dave Gullo at the Sand Point gunshow today and told him how happy I was with the Cimarron 1876 in 45-60 I got from him. I told him that if this gun worked out as far as accuracy when I did some serious load development, I might like to try another 1876 in 45-75 and he said I might like to go instead to the 50-95.

One particular configuration of the rifle with shotgun butt, button mag and 22-24" round barrel in .50-95 is even known as the "cat" rifle. The .50-95 was loaded with bullets of approximately the same weight as the .45-75 WCF, i.e. 300-350 gr., in deference to the action strength.

It also is used in large magnum pistol ammo with heavy bullets. I can tell you from experience that Accurate 5744 Powder works well in large capacity rifle cases such as the 45-120. I have used it in.

I have a .50-95 mod 76 and have shot IMR 4198 in the loadings suggested of 23gr. under a cast bullet of 350gr. If the barrel is tilted up to place the powder next to the primer, all is good and groups small, but if you forget and dont tilt it up the next bullet will stop some 6 to 8 " up the bore.

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Oct 18, 2018 · Part 1, Here’s a look at the 1876 Winchester this particular gun is a copy Cimarron imported Uberti in the 50-95 caliber, going to shoot smokeless and black powder loads through this gun, also.

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50-95 Win rifle ammunition for sale. We sell ammunition by the box and bulk ammo in case quantities. All of the ammunition listed on our website is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in High Point, NC. We do not take preorders or back-order items.

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