380 Precision One Xtp

Precision ONe is now taking pre-orders on their .380 90 grain HP/XTP. They have an anticipated ship date of Nov. 1. This ammo has received a very high rating by Shooting the Bull on YouTube.

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Payson, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- HPR (High Precision Range) is manufactured in Payson, Arizona and has been distributing ammunition regionally for the last 18 months. HPR is opening their doors to.

Ammo Quest .380 Finals: Precision One XTP test thru Denim in ballistic gelatin. 380 XTP ballistic gel test, first shot fired into bare gel, second shot fired thru four layers of denim, both shots expanded very well

.380 ACP or .380 Auto. Developed by John Browning and introduced in 1908, the .380 ACP round remains a popular round for self-defense and range use.

380 ACP 90gr HP/XTP *NEW* Packaged in a 50 or 250 round boxes. ** All our products and components are proudly manufactured in the USA. It is important to us to be that way** HOME PROTECTION-PERSONAL DEFENSE. These rounds are made specifically for maximum power and effectiveness. All new components featuring the Hornady XTP Personal Protection.


380 Shredder Ammo 380 ammo can be marked as ACP or Auto, both are interchangeable with each other. 380 ACP ammunition is the most popular civilian cartridge in Europe. To find bulk 380 auto ammunition, use the "Sort By" toggle at the top of the page. 380 ACP ammo is available in grains ranging from 85 to 115
380+p Ammo Ballistics Our moose in New Brunswick are medium sized. A big bull will run around 1000 lbs. With the 308 Win, what bullet would you recommend. Typical shot ranges would be 50 yards to a really long shot of 300 yards. I typically shoot bullets in the 150 to 168 grain range in my 308 and

Ammo Quest .380 Finals: Precision ONe XTP test thru Denim in ballistic gelatin. ShootingTheBull410 56k views 5 years ago. Tweny-sixth in a series of a quest to find the overall best ammunition for modern micro-compact 380 ACP pistols (such as the Taurus TCP 738.

Precision One Factory Ammunition 95g XTP HP (Hornady bullets) – No velocity listed on the box Test gun is my Bersa Thunder 380 w/3.5 Although Precision One rounds are very good and perform great, I have used Hornady in my 380 for some years now and I see no real reason to change.

Ammo Quest .380 Finals:  Precision One XTP test thru Denim in ballistic gelatinPrecision One Ammunition is a company out of South Carolina that is doing a great job making affordable, accurate, and reliable ammunition. In this ammo test I will be taking a look at their highly regarded .380 ACP 90r XTP load. I love some good .380, and I had high expectations for this load.

I contacted Precision One directly and they are taking pre-orders. That's what I get for wanting the #1 choice from ballistic reports. Just because it is available I just bought a box of the Fiocchi XTP and a box of the Fiocchi 95 grain FMJ which has just about the same POI and recoil as the XTP so.

Precision ONe Ammunition manufacturer in Charleston SC offers new and remanufactured ammunition, bulk ammo, brass, firearm accessories Precision ONe Ammunition provides you with a large selection of great priced rifle ammunition. Our full line of rifle ammo has whatever you need.

One of the newer companies is HPR Ammunition who.

a longer period which gives the impression of reduced recoil. The 380 ammo is loaded more moderately to deal with recoil in small and light.

Today I test the Precision One XTP in .380 ACP.