380 Ammo Difference

Five ounces doesn’t seem like much, but for most people it’s the difference between a true pocket gun that you can wear in your front jeans or shorts pocket without it pulling down your pants, and a 20-ounce (fully loaded) gun for which you probably need a belt and a holster. In terms of pure concealability, the .380 is the clear winner.

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Now the robber, a lanky six-footer, was back in the fight with a .380 Bersa pistol he’d grabbed off his.

Modern self defense ammo is largely being made for only the most common calibers: .380 ACP, .38 Special.

the company has expanded support of many niche calibers with the Critical Defense line. The.

380 ACP, Browning-branded offerings have come to the market.


they do benefit from one decidedly old-school process that top shooters still insist makes a difference. The lead shot used in the BPT.

Lets take a look at 12 gauge self defense ammo better known as tactical.

400 inches in diameter. The .380 ACP started off with a diameter of .355 inches. That’s just a .045-inch difference between.

3 arrested, guns and ammo seized in raids vs. Batangas crime gang – Serving 11 search warrants starting at 4:45 a.m., police seized two carbine rifles, a cal-.45 pistol, two cal-.22 pistols, a 9mm Beretta pistol, a cal-.380 pistol, and ammunition. They also seized.

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‘ class=’alignleft’>Apr 10, 2012 · 38 Special vs 380 ACP. Article Posted: April 10, 2012 The main difference between the 380 and .38 special is that the .38 special has a larger cartridge. The bullet diameter on the other hand is virtually the same.

Jul 25, 2007 · The .380 Auto and the 380 ACP are one and the same. They were also called 9mm Kurtz years ago. The Auto=Automatic.The ACP=Automatic Colt Pistol. You can relax because there is no way you can be messing up.Any of the 3 will fit,shoot and function out of any working 380 caliber gun Pre-War or Post War manufacture.

The report says Tampa police had forwarded a tip that the seventh-grader was selling drugs on school property and known to carry a gun. Administrators conducted a search and found an empty Diamondback.

Is 380 Ammo The Same As 38 Dec 10, 2009  · .380 ACP is a specific type of ammunition made. 380 LCP is the name of a Pistol, made by Ruger which fires the .380 ACP round. Asked in Smith and Wesson , Ammunition What type of ammo. Is there a 9mm the size of the LCP. This is a discussion on Is

This gun is so easy to use and safe to handle that it could be the difference between life.

knowledge and research into guns and ammo, nothing is as good a teacher as experience. Be on the lookout.

Now the .380 is a smaller cartridge case and it is less powerful than the above. . 380, 90 grain bullet muzzle velocity 1025 fps There will be slight variations in velocity depending on ammo brand.

Also, ammo manufacturers.

of each cartridge’s differences in design, all dictated by the type of powder each was.

When searching for the best .380 Defensive ammo you need to find a good compromise between barrel length The difference between a .380 ACP and 40 S&W is literally a millimeter in projectile size.

The .9×17 (.380 ACP) is a cartridge designed to be used in compact, unlocked breech pistols. The .38 Special is a rimmed cartridge designed for use in revolvers, while the .38 Super is an.

Difference in 380 Ammo??? This is a discussion on Difference in 380 Ammo??? within the Ammo Dump forums, part of the Kahr Discussions category; This may sound like a very basic question, and for that I apologize.

Difference in 380 Ammo??? This is a discussion on Difference in 380 Ammo??? within the Ammo Dump forums, part of the Kahr Discussions category; This may sound like a very basic question, and for that I apologize. But, what is the difference between 380 ACP and 380 Auto? I've.

The .380 ACP cartridge is rimless and straight-walled. The 9mm (9×19mm Parabellum) cartridge was introduced in 1902 by German weapons manufacturer DWM for their Luger semi-automatic pistol.

The .380 is most commonly seen in semi- automatic pistols. In the U.S. they tend to be smaller Making sure of exactly what ammo your firearm takes is one of the most important things you can learn.

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380 seemed huge. As a result.

If you’re carrying a semi-automatic, then the ammo pocket fits a magazine. The difference between the Ammo Nemesis and the Cargo Nemesis is the overall length of the.

The .380 ACP cartridge was derived from Browning's earlier .38 ACP design, which was only marginally more powerful. The .380 ACP was designed to be truly rimless, with headspace on the case mouth instead of the rim for better accuracy.

The 9mm and .380 both have the same diameter bullet, but the 9mm casing and overall length is longer. The .380 has less recoil so is popular with concealable handguns while the 9mm is more powerful and has more recoil. Both can be great defensive calibers if ammo is properly chosen.