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38 special, 9mm, .40 S&W and similar calibers.

Yes, but consider how much you’ve spent on guns, ammo and accessories. Stay within the manufacturer’s recommendations and these targets will last.

38 Special ammo is a legendary round and is probably one of the longest lasting rounds for police service there ever has been. The cartridge has been around for more than 110 years! 38 Special as a caliber is the derivative of several different kinds of 38 Special, which all eventually settled into the.

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.38 special ammunition was released in 1899 and was in widespread use until the 1990’s. To find bulk 38 special ammo, use the "Sort By" toggle at the top of the page. 38 special ammo is available in grains ranging from 110 to 158 grains.

The BEST .38 Special Snub Nose Loads YOU Should CarryCabela’s 50th Anniversary Guns – 38-55 Win., it is suitable for medium to big game, especially when loaded with the potent +P ammunition from Buffalo Bore.


great value and is the least expensive of all the anniversary guns.

38 Special wadcutter ammunition is named for its completely flat front that is designed to punch perfect circular holes into paper targets. Therefore cutting the wad. 38 Wadcutters were designed to make scoring easier for pistol bullseye competitions.

Winchester® USA .38 Special 130-Gr. Handgun Ammunition. Photo may not depict available caliber and quantity. Refer to order chart for available calibers and quantities.

That revenue bump was due to new products, and the consensus estimates were $1.38 in earnings per share and.

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Rely on top-notch performance from affordable ammo specifically engineered to meet the needs of high-volume shooters. Reliable and accurate, these American Eagle loads feature new-manufacture reloadable boxer-primed brass cases, clean-burning powders, noncorrosive primers and.

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The choice of many law enforcement agencies nationwide. Federal’s unique center-post design delivers controlled expansion, and the notched jacket provides efficient energy transfer to penetrate barriers while retaining sufficient stopping power.

This is a discussion on .38 Special Ammo at Cabela's within the Ammo Dump forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Three weeks ago I ordered 20 boxes of MFS 2000 from Cabela's for just $11.99 per box. Since then I have fired 250 rounds without.

38 special ammo for sale that's in stock at Lucky Gunner Ammo – today! Ammo Casings – Berdan-primed aluminum. This ammo is +P and should only be fired in suitable firearms.

You’d better get out your Cabela.

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Kroger, the parent company of Fred Meyer, and Bi-Mart will no longer sell guns or ammunition to anyone younger than 21.

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38 Special Ammo Types We carry a full line of 38 special with more than a dozen different bullet types. Full metal jacket or lead round nose rounds are very popular for range training.

The choice of many law enforcement agencies nationwide. Federal's unique center-post design delivers controlled expansion, and the notched jacket provides efficient energy transfer to penetrate barriers while retaining sufficient stopping power.

Cabela’s Inc. said that strong sales of guns and ammunition helped drive up its profit 73 percent.

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